Our Core Services



Our consultants have solid backgrounds in both commercial and residential facilities maintenance utilizing  environmentally safe and eco-friendly products. We are more than able to service facilities and residences in this entire region.

Residential & commercial coating & Painting

We provide our customers with  coating and painting services that are defined by their protective abilities, rather than aesthetic properties.  This type of paint is most commonly used for corrosion  control of steel structures, bridges, pipelines, machines and other surfaces that may suffer from long lengths of usage  or wear.

Industrial & commercial Services

M.E.S.S. is a provider of industrial and commercial cleaning services. We provide the management, maintenance, care and servicing of property and equipment for industrial,  commercial  or residential buildings.  Our Facilities Management Consultant works with the Director of Maintenance to learn the needs of the facility and we service the facility with procedures,  operations, management and products accordingly to ensure the maintenance, environmental and safety needs of the building are being met.

fire, smoke & water restoration

When a building has been continuously exposed to the elements we are able to provide  immediate assistance to restore the facility to a place of full function.  We will assess the damage, determine the needed  actions and work to bring full restoration.  In restoring facilities we ensure the safetly of all employees, all equipment and any damage done to the building's interior walls, ceilings or pipes.

cleaning, debris & waste removal

On many ocassions M.E.S.S. has been called to assist with managing  of cleaning projects.  These projects include facility cleaning, property clean up, debris removal and the disposal of waste and garbage.  We manage these processes with safety and our environment as top priority.

interior & exterior cleaning, restoration & pressure washing

Our cleaning process is to assess the facility and the materials of which it was constructed, prep all surfaces and use highly pressured water to remove dirt and debris.